The Zen HP


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The Zen HP is a lemon hash plant that produces well under a variety of growing conditions. Very potent, and a high yielder with a hint of Santa Marta Gold Sativa.

CBD Seeds named Zen for precisely the experience the team wanted patients to have when it was consumed. The hybrid combines a Mexican sativa landrace, an Afghan indica, and Lavender.

Consumers report Zen features a mild mix of herb, earth, and sweet floral aromas. Its flavor leans more towards the sugary side, with earth and citrus notes.


5 reviews for The Zen HP

  1. halleweber

    Suggest this to anyone who wants high quality

  2. geralddavis63

    The prices and selection are great too

  3. magnuspierce

    lovely budtenders lovely products prices and customer service

  4. ursaharding

    First time going to a dispensary. My first time experience

  5. lancetaylor

    Will be ordering from these guys again! Thanks!!

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